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Converter Standardalone 5 versus Converter Boot CD

Boot CD Converter
2023-09-27 14:24:38 时间

The new Converter Standalone 5 lacks the Converter Boot CD. Fortunately you can still use the old version 4.1 Converter Boot CD, which is also compatible with vSphere 5! The Converter Boot CD is available for download on the VMware website, although you will need an Enterprise license.

I thought it would be good idead to create a short feature comparison between Converter Standalone 5 and the Boot CD. Things are summarized in the following table:

  Hot Clone
Converter Standalone 5
Cold Clone
Boot CD 4.1
Windows Block/File Level Block/File Level
- Volume Resize Yes
(File Level Based)
(File Level Based)
- Synchronization Yes
(Block Based)
- Install VMware Tools Yes Yes
- Customize OS Yes Yes
- Configure Services Yes No
- Reconfigure VM Yes No
Linux File Level Block
- Volume Resize Yes No
- Synchronization No No
- Install VMware Tools No No
- Customize OS No No
- Configure Services No No
- Reconfigure VM Yes No

If you choose to resize your disks during the P2V conversion, the conversion will be file level based instead of block based. The new synchronization option will not work in this case, because it needs a block based conversion.

Note: Converter Standalone 5 can perform only Hot Clones P2V migrations!
Note 2: After a Cold Clone you can of course still reconfigure your VM; this will not be part of the actual P2V conversion.